Were the wild roses grow

Last weekend I finally got together with the amazing Hanny Honeymoon photography to shoot a Fairytas dress. I have been a fan of her work for so long and at the beginning of this year we finally just named a random date in our agenda's so we knew we could plan around it. 
I personally never wore my Black Swan design myself even though I modeled the White Swan so this was my own 'Swan Lake' debut and I was quite anxious to see if I could translate and morph into the black swan as easily as the white.

After a beautiful 4 hour trip to (Germany in spring is so pretty with its yellow flower fields) I finally arrived at my destination: Hannover!

Hanny arranged for us to shoot in the gorgeous herrenhäuser gärten. A real playground for photographers and a beautiful garden to walk around in. After using some of the natural backgrounds we changed locations to the forest were I had this idea of a black swan lying in a sea of roses. Together with my small collection of roses and Hanny's and Jumeria's (who was so kind to assist us in the gardens too) we created this beautiful romantic image which I hope you all enjoy.  I hope to show you more in due time! 

Love- Jolien-Rosanne

black swan roses
Jolien Klaassen