Crystal Ice Mage



Because my clients wife liked her costume so much, she really wanted her husband to have something  matching to wear together. Luckily her husband wrote a great inspiring story about their character so I didn't had to think long to come up with something matching that could be made in the little time we had left (about a week). My inspiration was the Ice wraiths that haunt snowy plains. I sculpted the chest piece and the ice wraith face out of worbla and worbla scraps. I inserted cat eyes and mirror lenses to create the multiple eyes and cut jagged pointy strips and layered them together to get a wild 'pointy' look to match the Crystal Ice dragons appearance. I used green as an extra color to set the two apart as individual characters, but living in the same world. The oxidized green color can also be seen in the deeper parts of the armor and gauntlet. The black robe is finished with a faux leather around the edges. The robe is huge as the client is very tall (over 1.80) and has quite the weight to it. Below you can see a photo of the Crystal dragon and the mage together so you can see the difference in height.