Dryad Mage (Elderwood LeBlanc)

side view

side view

Dryad Mage

Based on the League of Legends character Elderwood LeBlanc. 
The bodysuit was first sculpted in sulfur free clay and then cast in dragon skin silicone. I made the collar out of iron wire and a latex/foam combination. 
My client told me she was going to travel a lot with the costume so I wanted to keep it light and as comfortable as possible. Therefore the staff is also made
out of a latex+foam combination. The top flower is detachable and the staff can be completely folded to fit a suitcase. 
The wooden arm and leg pieces were such a great challenge to make. I achieved the wooden texture by layering a lot of pieces together to before finally covering it with a worbla layer. 
The custom made heelless shoes are made in a similar way.
The long gradient silk cape mimics fairy wings and billow gorgeously in the wind. The cape has pick up points in the middle that attach to the top so you can walk around without tripping over the cape. 
Commission inquiries can be send to fairytas.info@gmail.com or fill out the form on my website: www.fairytas.com

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